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We all want to rest assured our fur babies who are extensions of our family will be in safe hands. Since Metropet Services has been in the pet care industry surrounding Collin County for over 16 years their founder, Tamara Lynn Guttman, has been well acquainted with the pet care options surrounding the area. Based on our discussion, I will provide you with resources input from my interpretation of the feedback she's received from both clients and personal experience. Let's jump into "Dog Boarding Plano TX!"

Dog Boarding Plano TX with Pet "Resorts" and "Hotels"

If you're looking for dog boarding outside of a home environment, the best option based on feedback would be Pet Paradise. The pricing for Pet Paradise is $42 for the 1st dog, $24 additional for the second dog, and with either option you have to pay an additional $20 per dog to receive additional time outside of their kennel. In other words, if you pay the base rate of $42 your dog will be left in a kennel for most all of the day with the exception of regular potty breaks. What people enjoy about Pet Paradise is you can monitor your dog on a live webcam at anytime and the customer service is personalized.


Large companies like Petsmart and Petco charge around $41 with only a $5 discount per additional dog if they can fit them in the same kennel. They also offer additional time outside of the kennel which is an additional $14 per dog. A lot of the problems that come from these large corporations providing dog boarding Plano TX is that they lack personalized customer service. You have to go through a FacetPhone routing system every time you call to check on your dog. Furthermore, unlike the live webcam service provided by Pet Paradise, you can't see the environment your dog is in. Upon return many people report their dog being sick, depressed, and underweight from these corporate facilities.

What's "Bed & Biscuit?"

Bed & Biscuit is an alternative to kenneling or "Boarding." This is where your pet stays at a certified pet care professionals home. There's a limited quantity of dogs per home so there isn't a lot of chaos or noise surrounding the animal. There's an initial interview with the pet care professional where you and your furry companion can see the environment they will will be staying in and evaluate if this is the best option. This is the lap of luxury when it comes to pet care. They will get attention, quality care, walks, love, play time, nap time, and anything that you request to keep your fur baby happy. At Metropet, we ask that the pet owner brings the dogs favorite toys, blankets, bedding, and treats. We also ask the owner to bring the dogs food so they can remain on a consistent diet. And guess what? This is starting at only $50 a night! You can call Tamara to inquire at (214) 208-3286.

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In Home

With in-home dog boarding, your animal never leaves your house. Instead, certified pet care professionals make regular visits to your home to take care of your dog. Companies like Metropet Services are bonded and insured. This means that if they're liable for any damages to your home then their companies insurance will cover repairs. This is a highly unlikely scenario as companies who've established themselves in a competitive business tend to operate on a positive rapport from exceeding client expectations for many years. In home pet visits start at $20 per visit. They will also be willing to stay overnight for $65 each night with an additional $10 charge for 2 pets or more. Dogs are more comfortable in their home environment. There's far less anxiety as they are in the environment they feel the instinct to protect. Even in a kennel in their home, there's less noise and incontinent issues from anxiety induced by primal instinct to protect themselves from alien environments. The pet care is also done on any preferred routine schedule so your dog and home will be waiting for you just as you left them.

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Authored By: Philip Markoff

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Safe & Secure Your pets can stay where they feel safe and secure, in their own home.


Extra Step Services Your mail will be brought in and your house maintained while you are away.


Personalized Pet Care Your pets will receive daily attention and be able to keep to their routines, eat their usual diets, and receive medications and exercise if needed.
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